Tokyo treats

My other half was in Tokyo recently and while I wasn’t lucky enough to join him on the trip, I did get to enjoy the tasty souvenirs that made they’re way back to Ireland and in to my treat stash. The fun packaging alone was enough for me to get my camera out and make sure I share these online.


I’ll start with my favourite: Pocky. Now, I know these have been around for a long time are well known, so you might have seen them before. If you haven’t, they’re thin biscuit sticks coated in chocolate and are basically a Japanese version of Mikado sticks. I’m already addicted and as they’re low in calories (and Slimming World syns), I’ll be venturing down to the Asian supermarket for these pretty often.



I think most people are familiar with the weird and wonderful selection of KitKats on the market in Japan but I had never seen this strawberry cheesecake version before. I was keen to try it, but I was very wrong to think I’d like them. The strawberry flavour is very overpowering and the sickly sweetness is too much for me – even in that small sized bar.


Chocolate covered nuts are up there in my all-time top 5 sweet treats and these almonds did not disappoint. The outer shell of chocolate is really thick and the nuts are roasted. My only complaint is that the box isn’t big enough (but that’s probably just as well, really!)



I saved the most interesting one for last, let me introduce you to Meltykiss. Silly name, but theres nothing silly about the chocolate. The pieces are very small, but they’re quite rich so one or two is quite satisfying. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway as I’m also trying to save the box for as long as I can!

I hope someday I will get to see Japan for myself, for now though, I’ll have to make do with sushi dishes and boxes of Pocky.


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