Operation Inspiration: Pasta Siciliana

The airing of the new Celebrity Operation Transformation series last night was timed well with my returning home from a not-so-successful Slimming World weigh-in. I had let my guard down on the diet over the last week and now I really need to focus so I can get back on track for some weight loss. Watching this show was the perfect thing to get me back into the right mindset to get closer to my goals.

This was my first time actually watching a full episode of Operation Transformation and within minutes, I was glued to the screen and willing each of the contestants to do well. As someone on a weightloss journey, I can relate and also, I couldn’t help but notice all the lovely looking meals they were eating!

Dietician for the show, Aoife Hearne creates daily food plans which are all available on the RTÉ website. I had a flick through and stopped at day six when I found a Pasta Siciliana recipe. This wholewheat pasta dish full of fresh vegetables ticks all the Slimming World boxes, so I decided to give it a go and it was really nice! The recipe makes loads, so that’s lunch sorted for tomorrow too. Brilliant!


You can get the recipe here: https://ot.rte.ie/recipes/pasta-siciliana/





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