Supermarket Superhero: You Say Potato Fresh Cut Chips

A Slimming World friendly product that requires very little prep time, while still being a delicious addition to my dinner? It’s no-brainer really, that a pack of pre cut chips would end up on my ‘Supermarket Superheroes’ list.

Don’t get me wrong, I like cooking and I sometimes find time in the kitchen quite therapeutic. But that’s SOMETIMES. There are also days where the actual thought of having to peel and chop some spuds will be enough for me to give up and just grab a bowl of cereal instead.
Unlike sugary cereals, however, potatoes are syn-free, so I’m eternally grateful to Northern Irish company Wilson’s County for creating this product as part of their ‘You Say Potato’ range. They also make little bags of ready made baby and jacket potatoes.

Quick question: Where have you been all my life?!


To cook, I spray the chips with fry light and pop them into the Air Fryer for around 20 minutes and make a perfect side for some of my favourite Slimming World dinners.


This is my most recent ‘fakeaway’ dinner of chicken tenders and chips. The chicken is coated in a mix of instant mash potato flakes and spices and for dipping, a tbsp of reduced sugar Heinz ketchup. Yum!


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