I Like Big Buns

When I tell myself I’m having a ‘cheat day’, it’s like giving myself a free pass to indulge in something really good and what could be better than a big juicy burger?! I’ve had my fair share of burgers over the years, but I still have a good few to tick off my list. As it’s National Burger Day today, I’ve decided to share where I currently am with this list, so here are my top 3:

2017-08-24 16.54.14.png

1. BUNSEN is always on the top my list. While the burger scene in Dublin is changing and growing, Bunsen has remained the same. And so it should. There are no gimmicks, the burger itself is the star of the show and the melt in the mouth patty is never out shone by the accompanying bun or toppings. Simple and satisfying.

2017-08-24 16.53.51.png

2. I had my first FIVE GUYS burger when I lived in London. The buzz round this American chain coming across the water was enough to get me in the door and the foodie fun is what got me to revisit when it came to Dublin. I like scooping up my little tray of peanuts and choosing from the vast choice of fizzy drinks from the snazzy machine while I wait for my burger. And the Five Guys burger is worth the wait! It’s a get your hands dirty while eating kind of experience and you won’t be able to move immediately after it hits your stomach. This one is best for hangover days.

2017-08-24 16.52.41.png
Source: Instagram/@burzzarestaurant
3. BURZZA in Waterford gets it’s name by combining their two specialties: They do burgers, they do pizza and if you’re feeling like a real hungry animal, you can order a burger IN a pizza! I can tell you that the 6oz beef burger is a delicious chunky patty in a brioche bun that you will have to cut in half in order to get stuck in. Need I say anymore?! There has been some exciting things happening in the Waterford food scene over the last few years and this trendy little place is a fantastic addition to the city.

While I’m talking burgers here, it’s worth mentioning the Slimming World beef quarter pounders from their Iceland range. I always like to keep a supply of these in my freezer as they’re so handy and completely syn free!

I think that’s dinner sorted for tonight then…



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