Supermarket Superhero: Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownies

fibre one.jpg

This is a special ‘Supermarket Superhero’ for any Slimming World member because when you’re watching everything you eat, having a little bit of what you fancy everyday can be the difference between success and giving up altogether. I usually use my daily syns for sweet treats after dinner and I like to keep a constant stock of these Fibre One chocolate fudge brownies in my little syn bin.

Unlike some low-calorie desserts that just have that taste of artificial sweetener, these Fibre One brownies are rich, chocolatey and actually quite indulgent to eat. They are fairly small in size though, so if you want to make a really decadent dessert, I would recommend piling up the dish with fruit and low-fat yoghurt (or ice-cream if you have the syns to spare). Each Brownie is 90 calories/4 syns and they also some in a caramel flavour. If you can get your hands on these (they’re not stocked in every shop), I highly recommend giving them a try!




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