Thai fish cakes: Attempt #1

I’ve been hoarding a pile of food magazines on the coffee table for a few weeks and I made the decision to make one of the lovely recipes and it actually turned out alright!

The recipe I chose was Thai fish cakes with a noodle salad from the May issue of Food to Love magazine that was part of a lovely noodles feature.
I love fish cakes and this recipe stood out because it looked simple enough to make and it’s Slimming world friendly. So off I went to the supermarket to buy some fresh cod and the rest of the ingredients on the list.
Now, there’s nothing quite like a fancy recipe to remind you just how basic you
are. I didn’t know what ‘sambal oelek’ was until I Googled it. Apparently my local supermarket didn’t either, so I just got chilli paste. I also didn’t use snow peas and for  the ‘lebanese’ cucumber, I used the regular kind instead. Part of the recipe is a dressing to pour over which was really nice, though I didn’t use sugar in mine.
The cooking instructions are to fry the fish cakes on a pan, but I did them in the
air fryer. I’m not sure if this was a wise choice. I thought it would be a healthy oil-free way of cooking them thoroughly, but they were a bit on the dry side.
Dryness aside, I enjoyed the fish cakes and had them with the noodle salad. I got four patties out of the amount of fish I had, so I have 2 more in the freezer to look forward to for next week (which I will be not be air frying).
All photography here is my own. (Please don’t steal it).

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