Supermarket Superhero: Tesco Reduced-Fat Pesto

As a Slimming Worlder, I’m always looking for products that can make my food more exciting and still be ‘on plan’. I love pesto, but with such a high oil content, it’s not ideal for someone trying to lose weight, so I had been avoiding it. Then one day, this little jar of reduced-fat joy sitting on the shelf in Tesco caught my eye and has been the saviour of many week-night dinners ever since.


Regular green pesto uses up 3.5 syns* per tbsp. This reduced-fat version comes in significantly lower at only 1.5 syns per tbsp. And just as the Tesco slogan says, every little helps.

*Syns are the points system used on the Slimming Worlds plan. The daily allowance is 15 syns.





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