Crunch time

If there’s anything we can take away from watching Masterchef is that texture is a factor that can make, or break a meal.
A good crunch is one of the best food textures there is and I never understood why people take something that’s deliciously crunchy, like cereal and drown it in milk until it becomes a bowl of soggy mush.

People think I’m weird because I have my cereal on it’s own, with no milk when really, I think the only reason people think milk on cereal is ‘normal’ is because of how it’s advertised on TV. Also, I hate milk. Adding extra moisture to food is something I just don’t get. These are my thoughts on some other crunch killing culprits:
  • Biscuit dunking: Biting into a crunchy biscuit is one of life’s simple pleasures. Finding bits of mushy crumbs at the bottom of your mug is quite the opposite.
  • Custard: My apple crumble is fine as it is, thank you.
  • Gravy: Okay, so I can handle maybe a table spoon of gravy on a roast dinner, but I don’t need to make the entire plate turn brown.
*Exceptions to this rule: Curry chips. Pouring a good curry sauce over chips is fine, but none of your KFC style gravy nonsense!
Main photograph by Elizabeth Lies /

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