Healthy treats: Date & nut balls

My sweet tooth and my quest to lose weight are always fighting with each other. These little sweet treats act as a good little mediator between the two.


I call them date and nut balls. There are many names out there for this kind of thing – energy balls, raw bites, protein balls, but the name doesn’t really matter. A rose by any other name and all that …

When it comes to ‘energy balls’, anything goes really. When you look up recipes online there are hundreds of combinations of ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, and a range of healthy nut oils. The key is using only natural, healthy ingredients, no refined sugar with the only sweetness coming from the fruit.

My recipe is just 4 ingredients, it takes about ten minutes to make and no baking. I use dates, chopped nuts (in this picture, it’s hazelnuts) and a spoon of coconut oil. I throw all these into the Nutribullet and when it forms a soft paste, I mould the mixture into balls and roll them in some desiccated coconut.
They’re quite soft and mushy at first, so it’s best to leave them harden up in the fridge for a few hours before digging in (if you can wait that long).


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