My Top 5 Food TV shows

No prizes for guessing my television show genre of choice. Here’s my five favourite foodie programmes:


1. Food Unwrapped, Channel 4

This show is top of the list for me. I just love how passionate the presenters are about food as they travel the world, discovering things like where paprika comes from and meeting with farmers who grow almond trees. Entertainment unwrapped.

2. Masterchef, BBC One

If smell-ivison was even invented, it would be for this show. I find it fascinating watching the creative ideas these amateur cooks come up with. I never knew aubergine could be such and interesting ingredient and I’m inspired to try a few things with it after seeing a task on one of this week’s episodes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 14.49.18.png
Aubergine in a spicy garlic sauce with pork and aubergine dumplings. Source: BBCiplayer

3. Cake Boss, TLC

Fly on the wall show set in Buddy Valastro’s family business, Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey. It doesn’t seem like there is anything that this man and his team can’t turn into a cake. One that springs to mind was the massive dog* cake (*read as dawg in Italian-American accent). It’s what daytime TV dreams are made of.


4. How to Lose Weight Well, Channel 4

My weakness for cake means I also have an interest in effective weightloss methods. Dr Xand van Tulleken and dietician Hala El-Shafie help a selection of dieters, all with different goals and cook Stacie Stewart shares some lovely healthy meal ideas. The diets explored are a balanced mix of quick fixes and permanent plans. What I like most is it’s a show about food choices without being preachy.

Stacie Stewart, Dr Xand van Tulleken and Hala El-Shafie. Source:

5. What are you eating?, RTÉ 1

Similar to Food Unwrapped, but with a focus on food trends in Ireland. Presenter Philip Boucher Hayes lifts the lid on Ireland’s favourite foods like the chicken fillet roll and the famous ‘spice bag’. The highlights for me are when chef Hilary O’Hagan-Brennan creates healthy alternatives for these meals without any of the scary additives and bulking agents.

Hilary O’Hagan-Brennan and Philip Boucher Hayes. Source:




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