Winner winner, Chicken Tikka dinner

In January, my new year’s resolution was to try out some more new recipes. We’re now in April, and while I’d love to say that with each new week came a new dish, life somehow got in the way of that plan.

There have been some lovely things happening in the kitchen though, thanks to Lean in 15: The Sustain Plan by Joe Wicks. It’s full of healthy, simple meal ideas that can be made quickly with a serving size for one, which is perfect for me.


This is my attempt at the Lean in 15 chicken tikka masala. Joe Wicks cooks using coconut oil a lot, but I used my light cooking oil spray to make this Slimming World friendly. I also left out the ground almonds and used reduced fat coconut milk in the sauce.

The verdict: Healthy, spicy, hearty and comforting, everything a good curry should be.


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