Living on liquids: My three-day juice detox

Last week, I began a juice cleanse which involved 3 days of drinking nutritious juice (five per day) and no solid food. Why? I had always been curious about the health benefits of a juice detox and in a moment of what my other half called “madness”, I decided to say goodbye to my beloved solid foods for three days and undergo this health experiment.

2017-04-09 10.48.20

I decided to buy my juices from a company called Juice delivery Dublin. I was more than happy to pay for this service to avoid hours of prep and ending up with sad beetroot and kale leftovers the bottom of the fridge. I ordered online and everything I needed (15 different juices) was delivered right to my door.

I decided to start the cleanse on a Sunday morning. Apparently it’s important to cut down on refined foods a day or two before the cleanse, and that truly was my intention but when a basket of spicy chicken wings presented itself to me for brunch on the Saturday I could hardly say no. I began the cleanse on the Sunday anyway with a cup of lemony hot water and enough will power to get me going.

Long story short, this is what I took away from the experience:

  • The juices were all really nice. None of them unpleasant and all varied in ingredients which made things less boring.
  • I became really aware of my own eating habits. On the first day, I was at home and I had to stop myself from automatically going to the fridge more than once.
  • I found being at home quite beneficial for the first day, as toilet visits were quite frequent.
  • On day 4 when I was back to solid food, I had a heightened sense of taste, particularly for salt and sugar.

Overall, living for three days on only juice, water and de-caf herbal tea wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be at all. While I really missed having my morning coffee, I didn’t get any of the expected caffeine withdrawal headaches. I was never starving hungry, but it was pretty boring and towards the end, the juices were becoming harder to swallow.

2017-04-10 17.44.05By the morning of day 4, I was feeling healthier and lighter with a suppressed appetite for sweet things (ideal for Easter week). Total weightless from day one to day three was 6lbs, but I’m putting some
of that loss down to water weight. Later in the week, my Slimming world weigh-in came in at a 3-pound loss from the previous week, which I was very pleased with.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Maybe not for a while though….